Become a skin care consultant

As part of my series on the kinds of consultants people can become, I’m writing up profiles of consulting roles. After my post on home staging consultants, I thought about another kind of makeover consultant — the skin care consultant. Skin care consultants help people understand the basics of skin care, analyze skin types, choose appropriate cosmetics and achieve personal image goals. They can help clients choose and apply cosmetics for more glamorous, professional or trendy looks. Skin care consultants may help clients with style and image makeovers — some even help with make-up, clothing and colour consultations or do personal shopping. In some cases, skin care consultants host special occasion "spa parties" for groups of clients.

Altough many skin care consultants work in salons, department stores, drug stores and cosmetic shops, it’s not unusual for them to be self-employed. Over the years, you’ve probably heard about Mary Kay, Avon, Nuvante and other independent skin care consultants or independent beauty consultants. Many people hire other consultants to work for them, eventually growing from a one-person show to a full-scale operation.

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  1. I think it is so great that you don’t just focus on all the professional types of consultants and realize that some of us regular folks can have careers too. There is no way I could be a buisiness consultant but I have a real interest in cosmetics and this article was really interesting.

  2. Verna Garrington

    I certainly find this quote to be true “the makeup is simply an extension of the personality and colour” It is the expression of ones very own beliefs and self.

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