Become a tax consultant

Become a tax consultant and see your career in a whole new light. One of the many benefits of consulting is the ability to control your schedule and reap your own rewards. Becoming a tax consultant may be just the consulting career you are looking for.

Tax accountants can range from unaccredited consultants who prepare simple tax returns to in-demand CGAs or CPAs.

Many tax consultants specify in one area, such as tax compliance, corporate tax issues, estate planning, real estate, in-bound international tax or out-bound international tax.  

Tax consulting is a field with rigid and complex regulations. In addition, tax consulting is a field that requires a substantial amount of knowledge and training. Whether to become a tax consultant will depend on your own background. If you will require a substantial amount of training or education, it may be worth it to consider becoming another type of consultant.

If you do have the background but are wondering how to branch out on your own or how to set your consulting fee rates, consider taking my online course or purchasing one of my books.

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