Becoming an independent consultant

Becoming an independent consultant can dominate your thoughts, if you’re looking for a change. Becoming an indie consultant often appeals to dreams of freedom, control of your own destiny, financial reward, lifestyle, time for yourself and family. Taking the leap from dream to reality can be an empowering journey.

My journey towards becoming an independent consultant

I became a consultant more than a decade ago. It started with a dream, then with a plan focused on how to become a consultant. Although I briefly considered a career in a consulting firm, my true passion was to build my own practice by becoming an independent consultant. I didn’t want to build a business for someone else – unless they were a paying client. As I note in the Becoming a Consultant FAQ, you can start consulting on your own without building a complex business. In most places, you can hang out your shingle without having to get more than a municipal business license. Of course, you’ll want to have a plan and some guidance along the way. But there’s no reason to think that building a consulting business is an impossibility, if you’ve taken steps to discover whether a consulting career is right for you.

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