Categories – take ’em or leave ’em?

The new website for Consultant Journal is *almost* here. We’re still tweaking the design. I wasn’t happy with what we had. Once I realized the design was a sunk cost, it was easier to let it go. So I’ll be keeping some elements of the original mock up, but also bringing in some of the clean look of the existing site.

That being said — do you want categories? From my analysis of the website, it looks like almost no one uses them. Less than one percent of visitors click them. So, unless you say otherwise, I’m going to get rid of categories. Speak now or forever use the search bar.

4 thoughts on “Categories – take ’em or leave ’em?”

  1. I like your current look, but change is good! I look forward to seeing your new design once it’s launched.

    And, hey, I like categories! Although it’s true, I’m not sure whether I *use* them often.

    One benefit might be that they give the reader a snapshot into what type of content is on the page, regardless of whether the reader uses them.

    But then again, sometimes there can be too many distractions on a webpage, and categories can contribute to a cluttered look.

    Hmm, I think I’m hedging my bets!

  2. Thanks. Links are always appreciated!

    And, Tony — I’m hoping the new version will have better comment moderation.

  3. This is my second time writing this comment because I got the security code wrong and it wiped out my test… Anywho.

    I think categories are good for first time readers because they can locate topics they want to read more about. For some of us long-time readers, they are not that useful.

    I look forward to the new site. I finally got my logo done and loaded to my site. It can be a pain to upgrade a website because there is no immediate return. The benefit should be in the long-term and keeping readers.

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