Becoming a consultant

Expert consultants – How they got there

Expert consultants – wondering how they got there? Here’s a quick overview of some founders of top consulting firms, where they came from and how they got there.

Tom Peters:

Tom Peters started out with a master’s degree in civil engineering, but he later studied business at Stanford, receiving both an MBA and a PhD. After spending some time in the navy and working at the White House […]

Discover Your Inner Consultant – for Moms

Moms – have you toyed with the idea of consulting as your next career change? Maybe you like the idea of working for yourself, having flex time, building your career, working around your family’s schedules (and sick days!), or earning a solid income. Join veteran consultant Andrea Coutu of Consultant Journal and Kerry Sauriol of Crunchy Carpets and SAHMedia for this hands-on workshop that examines consulting opportunities based on your unique background, best practices for getting started, quick start tips, creative childcare solutions and more. Network with other moms over a light vegetarian lunch and coffee.

Consultant training

Consultant training can be an excellent option if you’re interested in becoming a consultant but aren’t sure where to begin. When you register to take consultant training there are numerous benefits–both personal and professional:  1. Meet like-minded people in consultant training Never under-estimate the power of connecting with like-minded people. Meeting like-minded people in consultant …

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