Becoming a consultant

Big data – the super hero consulting opportunity

Big data offers a world of opportunity for consultants. Despite the boring moniker, big data can help turn you into a superhero – imagine preventing diseases, deterring terrorism and fighting crime. Well, with big data, you can do that. Big data refers to data sets so huge that they defy management by tools like databases. It’s hard to capture, store, search, analyze, visualize, share and interpret big data. Figure out how to help people do any of those tasks and you’re in business.

Do a lot of moms start businesses?

Earlier this week, I went to a business meeting. As part of my introduction, I mentioned that I have two businesses. At break time, a woman asked me about my work and asked if it was a “cottage business” so I could be home with my kids. I was stunned. I’ve had my business for 14 years, I have an MBA, and, yes, I have kids. I cannot even imagine anyone asking a man if his business was a “cottage business”.

How to succeed as a financial consultant

” How to succeed as a financial consultant” is a guest post from Neil R. Williams. He’s a financial consultant by profession and a writer in the finance niche. He consults people on personal finance issues such as on debt problems, credit repair, debt settlement and so. He has articles posted in many financial blogs or sites. The following article is his opinion.