5 reasons to listen to your inner voice

5 reasons to listen to your inner voice — come on, you’ve heard it. It’s that little voice inside your head telling you that something just isn’t right, that there’s got to be more. It’s that little voice that whispers, "Is this all there is?"  You owe it to your little voice to pay attention. Here are 5 reasons to listen to your inner voice.

5 reasons to listen to your inner voice

1. It’s the real you

You know that inner voice? It’s the real you, and it’s trying to send messages to the you that you’ve become. Don’t you want to be the real you?

2. Your inner voice is a window to your passions

We all have passions, but the majority of us don’t get to work with our passions. Chances are your inner voice is trying to get you to align your work with your passions and values. Whether your passion is helping small businesses succeed or becoming an independent consultant, the closer your passions align with your work the more satisfied you’ll be.

3. Happiness breeds success

If you want to succeed in business, hard work is a must. However, when you love your work, you can put in longer hours, stay focused, and really dig in to your industry — all without feeling like you’re simply at "work." And when you’re happy in your work, success is that much more attainable.

4. Life is short

How long have you been ignoring your inner voice? Life is short, and the sooner you take action towards your passions the sooner you’ll get there. Chances are that you’ve been ignoring your inner voice for too long.

5. Your inner voice and the world of business

Listen to your inner voice, but approach your future with a practical strategy for success. Is your inner voice telling you to quit your lucrative corporate job to become a poet? That may be too far a stretch, but with a little digging into your passions you may find that what you love about writing poetry is mostly about written expression and creativity. Professional poet may be out, but there are numerous viable career options that revolve around creative expression through words, such as freelance writers, editors, marketing consultants, and much much more. 

These 5 reasons to listen to your inner voice are designed to get you thinking about what you really want to become. Are you ready to take action but do you need help linking your inner voice with a career? If so, then check out Discover Your Inner Consultant. This comprehensive guidebook leads you through a personal inventory of your skills and passions.

Picking the right consulting business may seem overwhelming. But, after working through the questions in this 77-page guide, you’ll have the knowledge to help you determine what businesses may be right for you. 

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  1. Doris Scheibenbogen

    I agree, if you learn to listen to your inner voice you know who you are and you live a rich life in every way.

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