8 reasons consulting rules

Although I’ve been a consultant for over ten years, I can still honestly say that consulting rules!

Here are eight reasons why:

1. Work-Life Balance: Even before I had a family, work-life balance was important to me. I don’t know of any other lifestyle other than working as a consultant that offers such flexibility with few drawbacks. And it’s not just women who want balance, men are just as interested in flexible schedules!

2. Extra Income: While my income stays rather steady, some months I earn more than I expected. I don’t have to convince you that having extra income rules! And as a consultant, getting extra income all starts with setting your fees

3. Mentoring Opportunities: I’ve always enjoyed mentoring others, and I’ve helped many people make the leap into consulting. Mentors are crucial, and I’m glad I’ve been able to lead new consultants to success.

4. Doing What You Love: No matter what type of consultant you are, odds are you’re doing what you love. I know I am, and that’s one of the top reasons that consulting is so satisfying.  

5. Working From Home: Avoiding commuting to and from work rules for many reasons. Transportation costs are low and so is my carbon footprint! Plus, the convenience of working from home just can’t be beat.

6. Choosing Your Co-Workers and Clients: As a consultant, you’re the boss.  You’re not obligated to work with anyone who doesn’t share your values. As a consultant, you might even find yourself considering whether to fire your customers!  

7. Tax Write-Offs: Come tax time, I have to admit that writing off business use of my home and car comes in handy.

8. Inspiring Others: I love telling people that I’m a successful consultant who runs her own business and sets her own hours. A big part of sharing my story is to inspire others to make the leap and become a consultant.  

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