Friday 5: reasons to work for yourself

This week’s top five list is actually a top seven list. I’ve been talking about stepping out of your comfort zone lately, so, why not mix up the Friday 5? Just kidding. This list of seven reasons to work for yourself by Daniel was just so good that I didn’t want to limit myself.

Given the way gas prices have been headed, you might be interested in point 2: no more commute.

I barely use my car. I work from home, meet clients near my home and typically shop online for office equipment. When I do drive, it’s to a warehouse or big box store — which isn’t all that often. As a result, I have a lot more disposable income than other people. But it isn’t all about money. I feel good knowing that my carbon footprint is small for someone living in my part of the world. I like that, simply by doing my work at home, I have a smaller footprint.

3 thoughts on “Friday 5: reasons to work for yourself”

  1. Definitely the best perk of working for yourself is having no commute. It gives me an extra 1-2 hours a day of productive time and means that I have time for exercise almost every day.

  2. Thanks for these! There are so many great reasons to work from home, particularly in the beginning whether you are starting a one-man/woman business or simply trying to start a new company but aren’t at a stage where you need office space yet, or are in an industry, such as computer consulting, accounting etc., where you go to your clients and do not need physical office space. One important challenge to consider of course is making sure you are separating your work life from your work life, as this can be dangerous and also unhealthy for both you personally and your business. But yes, especially in a climate where gas prices are through the roof all over the world, not having that commute is definitely one of the biggest benefits of having a home office!

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