When you hate your job

Most people work for other people, not for themselves. As a consultant, I count myself lucky that my time is my own. But what if you’re stuck in a job you hate?

I’ve never had a job I hated completely. I’ve always been able to find something about the job to like. But that doesn’t mean I never suffered or that I never wanted to quit. In fact, I’ve left jobs I couldn’t stomach. There’s a reason I work for myself, right?

If you’re working in a job you dislike:

  1. See if you can work from home for even a few hours a week. Some time outside the office may be refreshing.
  2. Look to change up relationships in the organization. Try networking within your organization. Negative relationships can suck the life out of you. If you can bond with people elsewhere in the organization, they may be able to "sell" other people on you. If nothing else, it may give you a friendly face for coffee breaks or meetings.
  3. Take a vacation. Get away from work and all the turmoil.
  4. Start applying for other jobs. Test the waters. Maybe you’d be happier elsewhere.
  5. Try moonlighting. Spending a bit of time on some exciting new projects may help the rest of your week seem bearable. Once you’ve built up a client list, you might even want to go into consulting on a full-time basis.
  6. Grow. Take a course. Start exercising. See a movie. Read a book. Write. Spend time with friends and family. Pursue a hobby. Call a friend. Go to a concert. Emphasize to yourself that you and your life are about more than just your yucky job.

How would you suggest dealing with a hated job?

2 thoughts on “When you hate your job”

  1. Me like the example stated, I disliked my job! I was in sales working for huge world wide companies and one day I couldn’t stomach working for company. I never burn a bridge and explain myself honestly in every interaction I put myself into. I have just one word of advise….do your homework and think outside the box. You might hate your job because of the routine your in…change it…you might start thinking outside the box.

  2. Find a new job or start your own business. Life is too short to spend 1/3 – 1/2 of your day doing something you hate. When you don’t like your job it can boil over into family life due to stress and unhappiness.

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