Is it ethical to run a side business?

Many people dream of becoming consultants. But if you’re already working as an employee full-time, it can be difficult to make the leap into full-time consulting. This is one of the many reasons why you may want to start a side business. But is it ethical to run a side business while holding down a regular job?

Yes, it is ethical to run a side business while holding down another job! In fact, it’s becoming increasingly common for nine-to-fivers to use side businesses as a way to launch into new careers. And many people successfully run ethical side businesses while holding down their primary jobs. 

The way to keep your side business ethical is rooted in common sense. In short, don’t let your side job negatively affect your day job:

  • Don’t run your side business during your day job;
  • Don’t take on too much and show up at your day job late, distracted, stressed, or over-tired;
  • Don’t run a side business that competes with your day job; and
  • Don’t do anything that goes against your contract with your employer.
  • Do continue to work hard and be focused at your day job;
  • Do be open and honest if asked about your side business;
  • Do operate your business in a manner that you’ll be able to explain to your boss with your head held high.

Believe it or not, side businesses can actually be good for your day job!
If done right, your side business should give more money (thanks to tax write offs and a higher income) and increased life satisfaction (as long as you select a side business that suits you). Now what employer wouldn’t want a happier, richer employee? 

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