Consultant course – start your own business

Whether you’ve had a consulting business for a while or you’re still testing the waters, it can help to have guidance and support along the way. That’s why Consultant Journal offers a consultant course designed to help people build consulting businesses. In our consultant course, Become a Consultant: How to Make the Leap, you can learn about everything from marketing to finances.

While most entrepreneurship programs focus on general business start-up advice, consulting offers its own set of unique circumstances. Having an inside view in a dedicated consulting course can help you through consulting start-up questions.

When I started my own business more than 14 years ago, I enrolled in an entrepreneurship program. It was a wonderful, supportive environment and I’m now good friends with one of the program’s facilitators. Yet, while I studied in the program, I yearned for help with my unique business — consulting. Starting a consulting business differs from other kinds of businesses in that, in the early days anyway, you’re selling yourself. And, in most cases, people start consulting businesses partly out of lifestyle desires – perhaps an interest in working from home, working flex hours or maybe even moving to a new part of the world. This makes consulting very different from selling widgets, running a restaurant or many other businesses.

Moreover, as you start up a consulting business, it can help to connect with other consultants. Given the project- and referral-based nature of consulting, you’ll probably be collaborating with other people for years to come. So taking a course with other consultants can help you enhance your professional network.

Have you taken any consultant courses and consultant training along the way?

Note that online courses and self study may count for CPD (continuing professional development).

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