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Consulting invoice formats can affect the amount of time you spend invoicing every month. If you’re a new independent consultant who’s just getting started, it won’t be long before you realize that consultants take on many roles during the course of a month–everything from consultant, marketer, IT person, receptionist, and accountant! So it’s important to simplify and streamline as many administrative tasks as possible.

Getting paid is a crucial part of consulting, and it can be easy to push accounting-related tasks to the back-burner when you are juggling a number of consulting projects. However, choosing a consulting invoice format that is simple to replicate and quick to pull together can streamline your procedures.

If you are searching for a basic consulting invoice format, check out this basic example, which you can replicate on your own computer. In brief, in your consulting invoice format you will want to include the date, your contact info, your client’s contact info, a basic description of the services rendered, cost breakdowns (including taxes) and your terms of payment. Again, check out this consulting invoice format example for further details.

If your consulting invoice format is simple and you still find yourself behind on invoicing, consider upgrading to accounting software or sending your accounting needs to an accountant.

Depending on where you are in your consulting business, remember that it can sometimes be more cost effective to bring in another expert than to struggle with a part of your consulting business that doesn’t come naturally and takes up a lot of time.

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  1. This is a great start. We used a similar invoice format until our business grew so much that we had to switch to an online service called oneclick statements

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