Self-employed consultant resources

Self-employed consultant resources are what we’re all about here at Consultant Journal.

It’s about time to focus on the self-employment consultant resources that we offer here at Consultant Journal.

Becoming a consultant resources

Types of consultants (Free): Details about over 25 types of consultants from becoming a home staging consultant to becoming an online researcher.

Becoming a consultant FAQ (Free): A series of articles about how to become a consultant.

Discover your inner consultant workbook  (Payment required): A 77-page workbook that helps you carry out a personal inventory so you can discover consulting business opportunities.

Discover your inner entrepreneur workbook – for moms (Payment required): A 110-page workbook that helps you make money as a consultant on your own terms. Use the workbook to help determine what type of consultant you’ll succeed as.

Financial resources

Setting consulting fee rates (Free): Actual figures and examples that help you set your rates.

List of tax write offs (Free): A list of business expenses you can write off for tax purposes.

Sample consulting invoice (Free): A sample consulting invoice.

Consulting fees workbook (Payment required): Learn a system for setting consulting fees and maximize your earning potential.

Marketing resources

How to get testimonials (Free): Six tips for getting glowing testimonials.

50 tips to jumpstart your expert status (Newsletter only): Sign up for the newsletter and automatically receive 50 tips that will help you jumpstart your expert status.

Six websites to build your business (Free): Twitter, FreshBooks, Life Hack, Accounting Coach, and more.

What’s missing?

Did I miss anything? Are there any other self-employed consultant resources that are missing from this list that you would find useful? Please weigh in with a comment.