Clear clutter and become a clutter consultant

Clear clutter for a living — become a clutter consultant. Clutter consultants help people clear out their home and work spaces. Part home staging consultant, part therapist, part project manager, clutter consultants combine a variety of skills to help people better manage their lives. They analyze the reasons people end up with clutter, often uncovering psychological elements along the way.

What sorts of psychological aspects? Well, some people can’t deal with clutter because they’re overworked, depressed, tired or lacking support. Others hoard items. Still others have never learned basic living skills. And some people just don’t know how to organize their living space because they’ve never had time to address it.

Clutter consultants do more than just clear clutter from desks and drawers. By helping people plan and manage time, resources and other issues, they clear life clutter, too!

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