Consultancy business plan template

Consultancy business plan templates are extremely useful when putting together your own consultancy business plan. However, it’s important to use critical thinking when working off a consultancy business plan template that’s already been created.

When using a consultancy business plan template, take care to remember these five tips for creating your own unique, successful plan:

1. Be sure to add your own unique strengths and weaknesses into the plan. 

If you are a master marketer or extensive business experience, you might be able to tweak the business plan to show greater growth than average.

Likewise, if you recognize that you have certain limitations, such as a physical or medical condition or personal responsibilities that might take up a lot of your time, be sure to reflect those effects in the plan.

It’s in your best interest to have your consultancy business plan as true-to-life as possible, so be sure to reflect your personal circumstances in your business plan.

2. Don’t blindly copy and assume.

If the consultancy business plan template assumes a certain rate of growth or number of sales, don’t just blindly follow everything that the consultancy business plan template includes. Use your own judgment. Don’t be afraid to tweak the numbers based on your own logic and knowledge of your own circumstances.

3. Don’t just show results. Show how you’re going to get there.

It’s easy to write that you’ll be earning a certain income during Years 1 and 2. But don’t forget to demonstrate how you’re going to get there from here!  Marketing is key.

4. Remember that the first year will be slower than the rest.

Be sure to have realistic expectations about Year 1 income, which can be slow to get off the ground. Savings are key.

5. Feel free to eliminate sections that aren’t relevant.

Does your business plan template include sections that just aren’t relevant? Don’t be afraid to omit them entirely if they are not relevant to your type of consultancy.

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