Consultant called in | Consultant Journal

Check out this newspaper headline: Consultant Called In. It amuses me because a consultant being called in is hardly newsworthy. Of course, the details of the article are probably relevant to readers of the small community newspaper. But the headline doesn’t do much to generate excitement. It reminds me of one of the first newspaper headlines I ever wrote. I believe it was "Government releases report". My editor saw the headline on the light table where I’d been cutting and pasting stories. (This was almost 15 years ago, when we had publishing software but our printer spit out 8×10 pages and so we had to use an old-fashioned light table. Times have changed!) My editor asked me if the headline was a joke. I realized how silly it was and quickly said something about her sharing my sense of humour. Ever since then, I’ve strived to package my work under more newsworthy headlines. Still, I couldn’t resist naming this blog entry "Consultant called in".

Consultant called in.