Consultants become Starbucks groupies, right?

Drop by any coffee shop at three in the afternoon and you’ll probably find several consultants. Heck, drop by at 10 am and you’ll find consultants. The Asheville Citizen Times points out that people who become consultants hang out at Starbucks, but work pretty darn hard the rest of the time. Ah, the lifestyle of a consultant. Sure sounds easy, right? After a decade of doing this, I’m pretty happy with my lifestyle, but there are days when I find myself working late, spending a little too much time on admin tasks, or cursing at the broken printer. All in all, though, I do love it and I’ve bever regretted my decision to get into this line of work. Still, if you’re thinking about going to work for yourself, ask these questions before you become a consultant.

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1 thought on “Consultants become Starbucks groupies, right?”

  1. No kidding. You always see the same ppl at the coffee shop day after day. It seems like they don’t have jobs at all but you know they have to if the coffee is $3! I remember a story about a Seattle coffee shop that took away their wifi because a consulting company had set up shop at one of the tables.

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