Consulting business mentor tips

Consulting business mentor tips — for anyone starting or running a business, a mentor can be powerful. The experience of being an independent consultant may seem a bit isolating or overwhelming if you try to do everything on your own. By building a relationship with someone who’s been there before, you can help to avoid common pitfalls and get guidance on your journey.

When I started out in consulting, I didn’t really know anyone else running a business. I knew some freelance writers and designers, but they didn’t really run *businesses*, per se. They took whatever work they came their way and they were just happy to be busy creating. They didn’t think about the direction of their businesses, their positioning, client management, market strategies or anything that might seem "business-y".

In time, I connected with the right mentors and got on track to building a business, rather than a job. Doing so was criticial in building my future — and that of my family.

I’ve been so honored by the power of mentors in my life that I first started Consultant Journal as a way of mentoring other consultants. Become a Consultant: How to Make the Leap is the newest extension of Consultant Journal — an online course designed to mentor you through the journey toward becoming an independent consultant. The course includes a one-hour review of your marketing plan. I really think this may be the most valuable part of the course. I’ve built my entire business around marketing consulting and coaching and I’m excited about coaching other independent consultants so that they can build marketing skills.

What could a mentor do for you?