Open thread: what do you want to know?

Instead of pushing content to you today, we’re opening up the blog to you. What’s on your mind? What questions do you have about surviving and thriving as an independent consultant?

Our site stats show that our tax write off list is on many people’s minds and that many of you are lining up to check out our Become a Consultant course. But what about you?


3 thoughts on “Open thread: what do you want to know?”

  1. With the current crisis and the several layoffs, many people are trying to become entrepreneurs/consultants to find a way out.

    I believe that one of the keys to being a successful freelance consultant is to deliver a great customer experience.

    Another key aspect is to work on something that you love. Because when you work on something you love you feel that you have the power to change the world. You believe in your product or service.

    This blog is full of great information and tips about being a consultant and entrepreneur.

    So my challenge is: how can we take all the information on your site and change the world

    Keep up the good work.

    Thank you,

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