Discount multifunction printers – buying

Discount multifunction printers. In Discount multifunction printers, I recommended asking your local retailer for a discount. Some of you have written me to ask how to do this. It’s pretty simple.

How to negotiate a discount multifunction printer

  • Research current pricing online, in flyers and stores. Some stores will price match or price match and give you an extra 5% or 10% off, so explore that avenue first.
  • Get a good sense of the printer’s value.
  • Go to a retail store. Ask the sales associate if that’s their best price.
  • In most cases, the associate will ask you what kind of discount you’re seeking.
  • You can try continuing to ask if that’s your best price, but it often works better to just ask for 10 percent off the list price.
  • The associate will probably seek the advice of a manager.
  • You may be asked if you’re ready to buy today, how you’re going to pay (cash will get a better discount, but you may lose the perks of your credit card), and whether you’re serious about buying.
  • Very often, you’ll be offered some kind of discount.
  • If you’re not offered a discount, you may be offered the chance for a price match, as noted above.

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  1. How appropriate. I am going today to get a new multifunction printer. The one I have settled on is the HPC5180, which is reasonably priced at $179 USD. Folks just have to be willing to give up a little quality for an all-in-one to save desk space. Now that I am working 100% from home and have multiple computers, I want a all-in-one printer that has network capability. When I hook the printer up, I will be able to print from any computer and even from my laptop on my deck!

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