Do I need a lawyer?

Do I need a lawyer to start my business?” asks Marthe, an up-and-coming freelance designer. Figuring out whether you need a lawyer will vary, according to your unique circumstances. I’ve needed lawyers, from time to time, but I didn’t need one to help me start my business. However, if you’re in legal or financial trouble, you should definitely seek a lawyer’s assistance. According to, it’s possible you do need a business lawyer when:

In good times as well as bad, individuals and businesses rely on their lawyers’ advice to understand and secure legal rights and financial interests. Lawyers help clients with estate planning and business negotiations, strategies and transactions. With good legal advice, clients are better prepared to comply with and navigate through the complex mazes of governmental rules and regulations.

Over at, you probably do need a business lawyer “when you’re in over your head” — and preferably before. That article suggests using lawyers for specialized cases and sticking to self-help resources for less complicated issues.

Again, it’s hard to say whether you need a lawyer. If you just want to set up a simple business, you can probably go without a business lawyer or corporate attorney. However, I’m not familiar with your unique circumstances — and I’m not a lawyer, so I can’t provide legal advice. Still, in general, you don’t need a lawyer to set up a simple sole proprietorship for your consulting business.

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