Easy, sure-fire way to meet 400 people

Succeeding as a consultant becomes easier when you know a lot of people. Those people can become clients, provide testimonials and references, and give referrals. But how do you build up a strong network? Here’s an easy, sure-fire way to meet 400 people a year.

Go to one event per week. Spend two hours at the event. Every 15 minutes, have a real conversation with someone new. By the end of the year, you’ll have met 400 people.

Of course, to include those people in your sphere of influence, you need to connect in a meaningful way. That means you have to do more than just "work the room". You need to learn a little about the people you meet — and you need to follow up. And following up means more than just sending a boilerplate email. You should work at sending an email that addresses some of the topics you discussed — or that includes information that can help them. Above all else, avoid making a sales pitch, unless you were invited to do so.