Fear of the phone

Many people resist starting their own consulting business because they’ve got a fear of the phone. I’ve met more than one person who couldn’t stand the thought of having to make calls to clients. Well, after my post on fear of public speaking, I decided to look into other fears that might hinder the success of small business owners…and fear of the phone stood out.

Via Peter Benson, I discovered a simple exercise for overcoming phone fear. It’s really best targeting at people who fear cold calling. Benson suggests that you simply write a script and start calling. That’s it. Feel the fear and do it anyway, I guess — and you’ll soon lose your fear.

Have you ever had to deal with fear of the phone?

2 thoughts on “Fear of the phone”

  1. Actually, I have been delaying all day today–a hot lead that I turned down a couple of months ago and now regret doing so. I am going to stop procrastinating now. All he can do is say “no”, right?! Thanks for the pick me up!

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