Feel lonely? Here’s help.

As consultants, we often work alone out of our home offices. This can mean hours alone with our thoughts. At times, being a consultant can be a lonely career! But it doesn’t have to be.

Here are seven tips to help you avoid loneliness.

1. Networking

Networking can be fun, even for introverts! Join business and entrepreneurs’ groups. Plan to attend networking functions far in advance, regardless of your busy schedule.

The trick is to make time for networking even when your schedule is tight. Meaningful social interaction is key to battling loneliness.

2. Get out of the house!

Feeling lonely? Take a break. Take a walk. Go to the bookstore, the library or a coffee shop. But don’t bring your laptop or a book. Instead, engage with the people around you. Make eye contact and strike up a conversation. Your need for social interaction will be met, and you never where or when you’ll meet your next big client!

3. Work somewhere social

Take your laptop and headphones with you and head to your favourite coffee shop. Sometimes all it takes is a change of venue to lift your spirits.

4. Collaborate and connect

Connect with other consultants in your field. Invite a peer for lunch, coffee or a walk. You may find that you have a lot in common.

If loneliness is an ongoing problem, perhaps you can explore partnership possibilities that could see you collaborating with your peer on a long-term basis.

5. Take a short-term contract

If you’re missing the social benefits of an office environment, consider accepting a short-term contract that will require you to spend days in the company’s office. 

6. Rent office space

Consider renting shared office space. Investigate whether there are any common workspaces in your city.

7. Stay in touch with friends and family

As passionate entrepreneurs, we can get wrapped up in our business’ success. Sometimes that can mean leaving our friends and family out in the cold. Don’t do it!

Even during your busy season, schedule time with friends and family. Business success is important, but it shouldn’t come at the expense of the people you love. A healthy lifestyle leaves room for both!

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