When to subcontract – seven signs

When to subcontract – seven signs that it’s time

When you become a consultant, you become more than a consultant. You’re becoming a business owner. That means you wear several hats. As time goes on, it may not make sense to wear every hat. Here’s how to tell when it’s time to outsource.

  1. You don’t like doing the work. If you really dislike a particular task, freeing yourself from the obligation may have a pay off. Taking the weight off your shoulders allows you to focus on areas of strength and passion — which may leave you with more energy to build up your business.
  2. You don’t have time. If you don’t have time to do everything that needs doing, it’s time to enlist help. Of course, before you start outsourcing, you need to consider just what needs to be outsourced.
  3. You could make more money doing something else. By outsourcing lower value tasks to someone who earns less than you do, you can focus on higher paying activities.
  4. You don’t have the skills. Faced with a steep learning curve, you may find it’s easier and more effective to hire someone who can hit the ground running.
  5. You want a fresh perspective. By working with another experienced professional, you can gain insights from unbiased eyes.
  6. You need a break. Sometimes, it makes sense to outsource your work while you take a vacation, a breather or just some time to refocus.
  7. You need to put resources elsewhere. Even if it’s cheaper to do a job yourself, you may need to focus your skills and talents elsewhere. It’s important to figure out just where you add the most value in your business.

Once you’ve started a consulting business and established your fees, it’s important to look at how you add value to other businesses…and then how you can use other consultants and freelancers to add value to your business. After all, the reasons other people hire you are the same reasons you’d hire someone else.

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