Fight the bull in your documents

Becoming a great consultant means mastering the skill of interacting with other people. After all, you’ll need to manage your client relationships. And many of those client relationships will be affected by email and documents.

Enter Fight the Bull, a handy tool that lets you check text for jargon.

I put the first paragraph of today’s entry into the text checker. Here’s what it spat out:

Bull Diagnosis:
Diagnosis: Congratulations – you rely upon standard words to explain concepts. Most concepts will be clear and understood. Keep clean.

Flesch Diagnosis: Diagnosis: Mostly clear, with some unnecessarily long words and sentences. You get to the point, although with an occasional detour. Most educated readers will navigate the text with no difficulty. Longer words and sentences appear occasionally.

Okay, I only checked a few sentences. But I still got some good advice. (And perhaps I should take it to heart.)

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