Free home-based business software

Free home-based business software. When you start your home-based business, it’s inevitable that you may need some software. And, like many business owners, you’d probably prefer not to break the bank to buy it. But where can you find free home-based business software?

Free home-based business software sources

  1. Your own computer. Have you already purchased Microsoft Office, QuickBooks, or other applications? You can set up your own templates for your home-business.
  2. Open-source directories. Try searching open source software directories for free home business applications
  3. Download sites. Get free home-based business software and productivity applications at popular sites like or Tucows.
  4. Beta software. Some developers offer "work in progress" software commonly called "beta". They haven’t worked out all the bugs, so they offer free software with the hope that you’ll advise them of any bugs.
  5. Your bank. Over the years, my bank has offered free or discount financial planning, business planning and even income tax software.

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