Friday 5: time-saving Word tips

I use Microsoft Word for all my written projects. I found this list of five Microsoft Word tips that can save you time. I love the tip about getting Word to autotype words and phrases you use on a frequent basis. If you’re spending 3 seconds three times a day to type a particular phrase, that’s 39 minutes a year, based on a five-day work week. If you do this for nine other phrases, that’s six and a half hours a year! Wow. Imagine what else you could do with that time.

Of course, I always convert time to money. I like the idea of making an extra $1,000 a year with that time.

1 thought on “Friday 5: time-saving Word tips”

  1. I would go as far as saying if you’re treasuring 6.5 hours a year because you saved time typing words in a document you’re bitten off more than you can chew, business wise.

    That being said, I’d take a 2 hour bike ride, then sleep the remaining 4.5.

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