Do you ever send out your resume?

One of my subcontractors recently asked me if she could add my client’s name to her resume, since she’d been doing work for them on my behalf. "No problem," I replied. "But why are you sending out a resume to solicit consulting work?"

My friend often sends her resume to prospective clients. If that works for her, fair enough. But I never send my resume when I’m trying to land a client.

Why? When I’m trying to land a deal, I’m acting as a business. I’m not an employee. I happily point prospective clients to a custom-written bio, my website, testimonials and references. These tools serve a similar purpose, but they’re not the same as a resume.

You don’t ask your hairdresser, plumber or mechanic for a resume. And you don’t ask your banker or accountant for a resume. So don’t act like a prospective employee when you’re trying to land a deal.

Do you use your resume for consulting work?


2 thoughts on “Do you ever send out your resume?”

  1. As an engineering consultant (for a medium sized engineering consulting company) we almost always sent out proposals that included 1 page resumes of people that were likely to work on the project.

  2. I can see doing that, under the guise of a company. But including resumes in a proposal is a lot different from sending your resume out to “apply” for a consulting job.

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