Friday 5: top 5 office clutter sources

It’s Friday 5 time. Here’s my list of the top 5 sources of office clutter.

Top 5 sources of office clutter

  1. incoming mail, especially junk mail
  2. receipts I need to file and use for tax write-offs
  3. printed materials I need to shred
  4. messed up print-outs
  5. items I can’t seem to file away, for fear that I will forget about them

Number 5 is my nemesis. For some reason, I like to have some things right in front of me, instead of hidden away in a filing cabinet. It’s like I need them to jar my memory. 

2 thoughts on “Friday 5: top 5 office clutter sources”

  1. I always read that you should open your mail once a week and immediately act, file or shred. Somehow, that doesn’t work for me. If I file, I’ll forget it. And I don’t have time to act on it while I’m reading the mail!

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