Holiday gifts for your clients and partners

For many businesses, December is a time to thank those who’ve supported us during the past year. Some people send out business holiday cards, whereas others take their clients out for lunch. Still others send gift baskets, chocolates, or other presents.

I just received my first gift card from a business partner. She enclosed the card in a Christmas card and noted that she’d like me to check out her favourite restaurant. By choosing a favourite restaurant, she personalized the gift card.

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1 thought on “Holiday gifts for your clients and partners”

  1. That is very nice way to personalize a gift card- that can often be very hard to do and I have steered clear of them because of that. Concerning gift baskets, I would stick to food centered gift baskets and not wine. Last year my boss and I made the mistake of sending wine to a client who doesn’t drink. It was very embarrassing. This year I’ve seen cheese gift baskets at 1-800-Flowers and I think they would be great (

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