I love my shredder

In the 90s, people went on and on about the paperless office. Well, I don’t know about you, but my office is far from paperless. Keeping client files, seven years of tax returns, current year receipts and the like — I’ve got a huge amount of paper.

A few years ago, I bought a personal paper shredder. And I’m glad I did. Although I don’t shred unnecessarily, I shred anything that could be connected to me, my business or my clients.

Oddly enough, I don’t see paper shredder on my official list of office gadgets I can’t live without. What was I thinking?!

1 thought on “I love my shredder”

  1. Hi, just wanted to comment. Yes, we are in the Document Management business (www.docs2digital.com ) and yes we see the trend for a paperless office building. However it is amazing the resistance out there. Companies still think that keeping files in a paper based system (filing cabinets) is much safer and efficient than an electronic / paperless method. I have a simple test I offer people. Time how long it takes to go get a file, copy it, distribute it then re-file. Take that number and multiply it by how many times you do that in a day, week, month etc. Then type the name of a file in word and hit enter 3 times and use that amount of time against the same math. This is pretty basic but it gets the point across. Now think about security for a moment. What happens with fire, flood, theft vandalism to those paper based systems? Gone is what happens. Storing digitally with a DMS system it is easy to store all company files off site in two or even three locations. Natural disaster aside how about a disgruntled employee or other prying eyes. How about the off-site exec/employee/Lawyer that needs that file now, right now? The larger companies in the country have already begun making the transition. I have seen cases where in a single department the workforce was reduced by 60% by going paperless. This makes for an instant ROI! I’m gonna stop now or I will write all day

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