1 thought on “Just move”

  1. This is a core habit of many successful people. David Allen has, just move, as a cire element of his Getting Things Done strategy; what is the smallest single first thing that you can do to get this project moving? Drafting a plan? Setting a a timer for 15 minutes of focused “hair on fire” action?

    Many people believe that when their motivation, or the perfect moment, comes along, then they will move. Unfortunately, this looks like procrastination and feels depressing. “Why am I not inspired? Where is my willpower? Why am I so unhappy?”

    Move first, the happiness will follow. Let the timer ring and if you like what you’ve done and where it is going, and you have time, restart the timer.

    Always leave something to start with when you come back and you’ll know what to do when you get there.

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