Making a great first impression

Making a great first impression can make a big difference to your career. This guest post by Tim Grayling gives you 10 tips for making sure that first impression counts in your favour.

When it comes to landing the job of your dreams, enough can not be said about first impressions. Your education and job experience are a necessity when applying for the perfect job. These two factors are paramount, simply in giving you the opportunity to show why you are uniquely fit for the job you desire. Once you have secured a job interview the position is ultimately yours for the taking. All that is left is for to make and outstanding great impression on the person interviewing you. Keep in mind a few simple tips and you can ensure that you are viewed in a positive light; positioned to be the candidate of choice when it comes to the final hiring decision.

  1. Always be prepared. Plan ahead for your interview. There is a good chance that the person interviewing you already has a copy of your resume and a list of references; all the same, bring those along yourself just in case. Plan to discuss how your formal education has helped to make you uniquely qualified for the position you are applying for. Contemplate what makes you stand out.
  2. Dress for success. When choosing what to wear for your interview keep in mind the type of job that you are applying for. Generally speaking, it is best to dress as you would if you where already an employee. While you may look amazing in a tuxedo or in a formal evening dress, this is probably not the best choice when applying for a banker position. Conversely, what impression would be made if you showed up to that very same interview wearing a t-shirt and jeans? Know the job setting, and dress accordingly.
  3. Be on time. The very first impression that you will make to your prospective employer is that of your punctuality. Plan to arrive ten minutes early for your interview. You want to be appropriately early, not too early. Showing up for an interview too early is nearly as damaging to your first impression as showing up late.
  4. Make eye contact. While being interviewed, make certain to maintain positive eye contact. This is not to say that it is a good thing to coldly stare at your prospective employer. Rather, when speaking, maintain eye contact with your interviewer. This conveys a level of sincerity behind your words.
  5. Open body language. There is far more to a conversation than the words you choose. The way you present yourself will have a huge impact on the how you are perceived. Avoid closing your body off, for example, crossing your arms or sitting turned away from your interviewer. These subtle gestures will nearly unconsciously close down any open lines of communication.
  6. Courtesy goes a very long way. No matter what happens during your interview always maintain appropriate, professional, courtesy. How we maintain ourselves during an interview says a lot about our character. Make sure that you are conveying a message of respectful confidence at all times.
  7. Take your time. When answering questions do not feel as though you have to produce an immediate and rapid response. Take a few seconds to think about the question. This will not only improve the quality of your answers and it will demonstrate that you are taking the interview question seriously.
  8. Do not talk money. When it comes to an interview, it is generally best never to bring up money. Before you stepped into the interview, you in all likelihood had a general idea of what the position would pay. Conversely, so does the person interviewing you. Realistically, no great gain is to be had when discussing compensation early on. There is a time and a place for everything. Once a hiring decision has been made, that is generally when this subject will arise. This is not to say that the subject is completely off limits during an interview; it is simply best practice not to be the one to bring it up.
  9. Do not forget to smile. Smiling is a basic human response. It generally conveys a sense of conformability. During your interview, make sure to put a little grin on your face. This shows your potential employer that you are at ease. When you are comfortable, there is a good chance that the person interviewing you will be comfortable as well.
  10. Parting words. Upon the conclusion of your interview, make certain to thank the interviewer. You have just been given a portion of that person’s time so that they could access your qualities. Thank them for this valuable opportunity and show that their gift was not wasted on you.

When it comes to getting the job of your dreams, making a lasting, positive first impression is of the utmost importance. Follow these 10 tips on making a great first impression and the interview process for you, will be one of ease.

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  1. The very first time when you meet up a person think of the things you notice first in him/her. These are the things that determine your first impression on the other person.
    The first impression that you make on a person is very important as it is the basis on which the other person judges on what kind of a person you are. The way you’ve left your first impression becomes even more important if you are on a date or meeting a guy/girl for the first time.

    There are a few important things you must remember in order to leave a great first impression!

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