New site – what do you think?

The new Consultant Journal design is finally up. Please feel free to send along your comments. We’re hoping this new design preserves the grassroots feel of Consultant Journal while giving a more professional face. It also features a more flexible layout for advertisers. And it’s now backed by WordPress, which should improve content management. You should also have an easier time finding our workbooks and guides.

If you have any questions — or if you run into any bugs — please let us know. We welcome feedback.

4 thoughts on “New site – what do you think?”

  1. I came across this site via your comment at AskMeFi. What a great resource! I’ll be back later to start digging through the archives.

  2. I am trying to get an RSS feed (looks like it is through feedburner) and I get an error. Other than that, the site looks great. Excellent resource, thanks.

  3. Thanks for letting me know. I can’t seem to replicate this error and neither can my web developer. I know one other reader emailed to say that he’d had trouble with the feed. Anybody else?

  4. I just came across the site today and have to admit its a great place for chunks of info on the industry. Have you ever thought of purchasing research on the industry and posting it? Its hard to make a business plan for consulting.

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