Personal inventory – taking stock of yourself

Personal inventory taking a.k.a. taking stock of your unique attributes can help you determine your future in self employment. Your personal inventory can help you figure out how your skills, experiences, strengths, weaknesses, goals and interests all fit together. By getting a better sense of your personal inventory, you can figure out who you are and what you have to offer – and just how self employment might fit into that.

Personal inventory can launch your dreams

Many people dream of self employment, but freeze up when it comes to actually doing something about it. That’s understandable. Not every dream needs to be explored. But taking the time to figure out what your dreams are and how who you are fits into those dreams can help you uncover your potential. And a personal inventory can help you explore who you are in depth.

Personal inventory can help with overcoming obstacles

Moreover, by taking the time to work through your dreams and interests, you may discover solutions to problems you thought were unsolvable. For example, some people worry about letting go of their day jobs, so, for them, starting a side business may be the best option. Others worry about carrying all the weight on their own shoulders, so they seek out business partners, joint venture partners and mentors. Still others get nervous about income fluctuation, so they build up solid emergency funds.
A personal inventory can help you get a strong sense of who you are, so you can build an action plan to achieve your dreams. And that confidence will serve you in good stead, whatever path you pursue.
If you’d like to work through a personal inventory, consider our Discover Your Inner Consultant or, for parents, Discover Your Inner Entrepreneur (for Moms).

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