Seth Godin on customer service

Via Maria Palma at, here’s a great quote from Seth Godin:

“…I think the reason we get so upset at astounding examples of bad customer service… is that most of us have given great customer service and realized that most of the time it’s not only fairly easy, it’s actually quite rewarding.”

Maria adds, " I do believe that the service we get in life is a result of the service we give in life."

I’d be willing to add that a lot of people provide terrible customer service because they don’t take pride in their work. Whether you’re washing dishes in a restaurant or developing a strategic management plan for a new consulting client, it’s important to take pride in your work. You don’t have to love what you do — you just need to take pride in it and have vision for your future.

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  1. My lecturer was talking about this concept just last week. I should get again to operating on my engineering management assignment instead of reading through blogs – I despise homework assignments but I love the web LOL

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