Tax write off

Tax write off time of year again, yes it is! Tax write offs are one of the many things that rule about being a consultant, even if being a consultant is your second job.

Over the years, Consultant Journal has put together a couple of handy tax write off lists, including tax write offs (which covers the basic tax write offs) and more tax write offs (which includes a list of some of the most overlooked tax write offs).

In addition to the tax write off information in the above two lists, when considering tax write offs don’t forget that in some cases you may be able to write off both business use of your car and business use of your home.

And don’t forget those charitable donation tax receipts! In fact, you can even donate a car for an additional tax write off.

Tax write offs are a perk and they are worth keeping track of and claiming. However, don’t go nuts as a new consultant and buy too much just for the tax write offs. Like everything else in life, balance is key.

How do you keep track of your tax write offs and receipts?

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