The power of mentors

The new year is an ideal time to consider career growth.

Have you considered the power of mentors? Make 2010 the year you make great strides in your career.

Here are five reasons why you need a mentor.

I’ve had many mentors over the years. To my great delight, I just reconnected with a mentor from 18 years ago – my boss in my first "real" job. She’s semi-retired now, but her stories of the amazing work she’d doing have inspired me. In fact, I’ve been trying to recapture what I learned in the counselling department where we worked together — and mix that in with ideas from the work she’d doing now. And it’s coming through in my work. Today, a client emailed me to say that he’s been delighted with the sensitivity I show. And I’ve been reminding him that, while I can give professional recommendations, it’s important that he own his business decisions and messages — that I can guide and validate, but I can’t make my advice "true" for him. It’s up to him to judge what really resonates for him. I know all that’s coming from my memories of working in a counselling department — and from the unique perspective that my mentor shares with the world.

Do you have a mentor?

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