Using a website to generate leads

Using a website to generate leads

Using a website to generage leads. Following my post on finding new clients via a website, a few people wrote in to ask how they could generate leads with a website.

Vinod from India wants to know if it’s possible to find clients from overseas.

And Justin also wanted to know my secret to using my website to convert leads to sales.

More tips for generating leads from websites

  • Optimize your website so that it ranks well in searches
  • Create a strong call to action — offer something to prompt people to contact you
  • Build a professional-looking site so that people will trust you
  • Post to a blog, so that clients have a chance to build a relationship with you
  • Register your website with directories (that’s one way Hewlett-Packard found me)
  • Make it easy for clients to contact you.

Those are just a few thoughts for generating leads from websites. You can absolutely gain overseas clients. Over the years, I’ve had contracts and discussions from clients through North American and Europe.

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