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Very cheap web hosting can help you get your own website started. By seeking out very cheap web hosting options, you can keep costs low before investing in even a more moderately priced solution. And, unlike the default "business card" websites that many domain providers and home Internet service providers offer, your standalone website will look a little more professional.

However, choosing very cheap web hosting can be tricky. You’ll need to shop around to find the best value packages. Some web hosting packages may only be a couple of dollars, but be rife with problems. It may turn out that you’re better to spend a dollar or five more and get a solution that really meets your needs.

Very cheap web hosting – questions to ask

  • Do you get an email account under your own domain, such as
  • How much disk space do you get?
  • How much bandwidth will you have?
  • If you go over your bandwidth limit, what happens? Do they shut down your site or will they alert you and offer an upgrade package? (Watch out for sites that shut you down without warning.)
  • Is there a set up cost?
  • How much are the monthly fees?
  • What other fees may apply?
  • Can you use a database?
  • Can you use PHP or CGI-BIN?
  • Will you be required to run ads from the web hosting provider?
  • Is your content restricted? Can you publish whatever you want?
  • Are your files limited? Can you have as many images as you like, within your disk space limits?
  • Will you receive any bonuses, like a Google Adwords credit?
  • Will you have FTP access for file uploads?
  • Does the package come with free software, like website development software?
  • Is the service reliable and quick? Can it manage your traffic?
  • Is tech support available?
  • Is the web host a web hosting reseller or do they maintain their own servers?

There are many very cheap web hosting solutions out there. But make sure you choose a package that meets your needs.

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  1. The best hosting I’ve found for super cheap is Dreamhost. Sign up for the yearly package, it costs around $120. Then Google “dreamhost promo code”. I was able to find a promo code for $97 off. I paid with Google Checkout for another $10 off, so I got a total of 1 year of hosting for $12. That includes a free domain registration, too.

    Plus, their hosting service is really nice, they can run almost any package including RoR or Django, and their storage space and bandwidth is extremely generous.

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