What does per diem mean for consulting rates?

Consultant per diem rate definition

"What does per diem mean?" asks reader Angie Dixon. Good question, Angie! Many people write in to ask what per diem means. Consultants often toss around the term "per diem rate", but the odd term does make some people wonder what it means. This Latin phrase’s definition is fairly straight forward. Per diem simply means "by the day" — the amount the consultant expects to be paid for a day of work. Some consultants only use a per diem rate. Others charge out by the hour and multiply by eight hours to get their daily rate — some discount that a little. And, of course, consultants use many other ways and means of setting consulting fee rates, as I’ve mentioned before.

What are per diem travel rates?

See the article on billing travel time charges for consultants for per diem travel rates.

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  1. Thanks for answering my question. The first time I saw “per diem”, I thought it said “per dime”. I guess it’s not that far off, though.

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    Do you have any information on what is usual and customary for discounts on the per diem rates?

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