Why procrastinate tomorrow?

When you think of procrastination, you may think of putting off small tasks or projects. But over the years I’ve noticed that many people procrastinate big ideas, such as acheiving their career-related dreams.

Putting off your dreams

I’ve been a consultant for over ten years, and I’ve met many people who want to launch their own consulting firms. But while some people actually become consultants, there are others who simply dream of doing it but never actually make the leap.

So what sets the doers apart from the dreamers? There are many factors, such as financial savings and confidence. But a big factor that separates the dreamers from the doers is that the doers "do!" In fact, I’ve helped many dreamers become doers through my course, Become a Consultant: How to Make the Leap

How procrastination hurts

There is a substantial difference between procrastinating and working toward a goal, even if you work towards your goal at a slow pace.