Tax software debate

Every year around this time, my post on tax software, specifically UFile and Quicktax, gets a lot of attention. The opinions are those of the posters. I have never tried UFile and I’ve always been fairly happy with Quicktax, although I’m probably going to work with a professional accountant this year, since I’m looking to incorporate.

Update: Oops. I originally wrote debata. I was thinking about data.

2 thoughts on “Tax software debate”

  1. Yeah, absolutely. That’s why I’m planning to see an accountant this year. Just from my initial phone call, I was able to see the value of working with an advisor. I’d hired accountants before, but they were just never smart enough to provide advice that went to the level I need. This guy seems different.

  2. I have used a tax software for the last few years with pretty good success. This year we decided to go with a professional accountant (retired IRS agent) and couldn’t be happier. The software I was buying was around $80 USD. The accountant only charged $200 USD and we got a lot of advice from him. The main reason for the change was to get more of an adviser for future planning and tax strategies versus a program.

    Plus it was a huge time savings because it took him an hour with giving us advice when it would take us about half a day with the program.

    I won’t go back to the software.

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