Write Your Business Plan Now launches

I’m pleased to announce the launch of Write Your Business Plan Now, a kit I put together to help real people write business plans. I mentioned I’d be releasing the guide a few weeks ago, but I went back and added in extra resources to make it a complete, all-in-one kit. Inside the kit, you’ll find the resources I actually use in my business every day to help my clients with their business plans. I showed the kit to one of my clients and she exclaimed, "This is what everybody needs!"

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The kit includes a full guide to writing a business plan, a Quick Start Guide and Word template you can start working on right away, Excel spreadsheets that you can just plunk numbers in and more. I based Write Your Business Plan Now on the problems I saw people struggle with when I was a business advisor for a self employment program, along with the challenges I see my own consulting clients tackle.Moreover, "business plan" is one of the most popular searches on this site, so I want to make sure Consultant Journal readers have everything they need.

8 thoughts on “Write Your Business Plan Now launches”

  1. Writing out a business plan can be something that can take a great deal of time but really pay off in the end. When I first started with my own process of writing up a business plan I worked hard on getting some basic concepts down and answering some basic questions that came to my head. I recommend using a notepad or notebook to keep track of all these ideas!

  2. This is long over due. They are so many people/business owners who are struggling with this problem. This will definitely help in making their business more meaningful and more productive.

  3. Thanks. I realized that most of the books out there do little to help people actually write the plan and I wanted to provide a full kit that was more robust.

  4. I am doing my own business and your article motivated me to write about my business plans. Surely your business kit is very useful to all the persons whoever doing their own business. It is a must one to read. I shared this with my friends and bookmarked this blog. Thanks a lot for this wonderful blog.

  5. I’m in my last few months of beauty school for hair design and they are making us write a 2 page business plan as part of our exam. Not looking forward to it!

  6. Yeah exactly…. it’s tough finding a book that explains things. I dont have the patience to sit and read an entire book, just to find out that there is barely any information on writing a business plan. Your list is so helpful :).

  7. You know, I always wanted my own business and I finally took the step of getting licenced and everything. I do have to write a business plan in order to get my loan though. I’m so glad you posted this topic because business plans are SO important in order to get financed. Everyone agree??

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