Why I posted about tutoring rates

A few of you are wondering why I just posted about tutoring rates. What does that have to do with consulting? Why would a consultant care about tutoring?

Well, as I mentioned toward the end of the post, many consultants tutor as a way of generating a side income. Some do tutoring, others instruct night school classes and still others run seminars and other tutoring-style programs. Not all tutoring involves high school math and English. I’ve seen consultants tutor in:

  • financial planning
  • decluttering
  • home decorating
  • marketing
  • fitness
  • business writing
  • standardized test preparation
  • and more

Many consultants like having a second job that allows them to get out and interact with people. In fact, I teach GMAT prep in Vancouver. It’s a great way to network, practice talking about difficult material in front of an audience, and get out of my office a couple of times a week. It’s not really "tutoring" in the one-on-one sense, but it’s not all that different either.