Why I posted about tutoring rates

A few of you are wondering why I just posted about tutoring rates. What does that have to do with consulting? Why would a consultant care about tutoring?

Well, as I mentioned toward the end of the post, many consultants tutor as a way of generating a side income. Some do tutoring, others instruct night school classes and still others run seminars and other tutoring-style programs. Not all tutoring involves high school math and English. I’ve seen consultants tutor in:

  • financial planning
  • decluttering
  • home decorating
  • marketing
  • fitness
  • business writing
  • standardized test preparation
  • and more

Many consultants like having a second job that allows them to get out and interact with people. In fact, I teach GMAT prep in Vancouver. It’s a great way to network, practice talking about difficult material in front of an audience, and get out of my office a couple of times a week. It’s not really "tutoring" in the one-on-one sense, but it’s not all that different either.

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  1. Local community centers and adult education centers are always looking for enthusiastic and qualified people to provide tutoring services, even if it is, like you say, more like a class than private tutoring.

    You mentioned a lot of good ideas in your post, like business writing or GMAT tutoring, and I just wanted to add that a lot of people are looking to learn computer skills. Programs like Microsoft Word or Excel may be second nature to many people who consult or work in business, but it’s something a lot of people who are looking for better jobs aren’t that familiar with. Of course, if you know programs like Quicken, that’s all the more classes you’ll be able to teach. The best part of tutoring, like consulting, is that there is a market for almost any kind of knowledge or skill.

    One benefit I’ve found from tutoring and teaching is that you can often use it as a selling point when talking with clients. Tutoring in your area of expertise makes you look more qualified. Plus, satisfied students can act as references, or even become or recommend clients.

    Thanks for putting this information out there!

    Linda Durbin, M.S.Ed, M.S. Human Services Counseling

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