Become a graphic design consultant

Become a graphic design consultant and take advantage of the move to new media. Today, the demand for websites and visual marketing is higher than ever. Now is the perfect time to become a graphic design consultant.

Consider becoming a graphic design consultant if you are creative and have skills in Photoshop or similar graphic design programs. Graphic design consultants have to be skilled in graphic design, as well as in client and project management.

Not all graphic design consultants require diplomas or degrees in graphic design or mixed media. Of course, having such a background helps, but many graphic design consultants are self-taught.

Graphic design consultants work on a number of different projects, including:

  • website designs
  • logos and branding
  • brochures
  • business cards
  • labeling and packaging
  • and much more

Graphic design consultants usually position themselves as either print or web specialists; web specialists are often referred to as web designers as opposed to graphic designers. This distinction is important because the skills and tactics involved in print and web design are very different.

As a new graphic design consultant, one of the best sources of new work is other consultants and related businesses. New graphic design consultants should consider contacting marketing firms/consultants and website development businesses and consultants; they often require the services of a graphic designer and can be a source of a lot of business.

Becoming a graphic design consultant is simply one of the many types of consultants that you can become. If you are passionate about the web but are not skilled in the visual arts, consider becoming a social media consultant.

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