Do you have a website?

Have you got a website up and running? I’ve previously mentioned that a website is a great way to find new clients. What’s stopping you from putting one up?

You may think people will hire you based on your skills, experience, personality and references. But a lot of people prefer to do some background research before they hire you. By investing in even a simple website, you indicate that you see your comsulting as a bona fide business. That can help sway clients who’re worried you’re really just between jobs and desperate for work.

2 thoughts on “Do you have a website?”

  1. I was recently at a workshop on search engine optimization and findability for business websites. The one thing I can tell any consultant is to get a website and do it today. Don’t hesitate. Also, start blogging. If you are a consultant and have a lot of knowledge and experience in a particular area of business, you should be writing about it almost daily. Consultants sell their knowledge and expertise. It is an intangible offering, but if you write and communicate your thoughts and ideas in an articulate manner you’ll be able to demonstrate what you know and how you can help your clients solve the unique business problems they face.

    Aside form networking and face to face conversations with people, a website and blog are the second best marketing tool any professional can have.

  2. You’re right about blogs. Since starting my blog a few years ago, I’ve achieved first-place ranking in the search engines and I don’t have to do anything to generate business.

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